Watch: Chris Froome talks about pushing his body to its limits in physiological testing

Chris Froome visited the GSK Human Performance Laboratory to undergo physiological testing after his Tour de France win, and it looked hard work

The results are out, and it’s told us what many of us knew in the first place – he’s a pretty decent athlete.

Having had his performances scrutinised and questioned throughout his second Tour de France win this July, Froome visited the GlaxoSmithKline Human Performance Laboratory in west London.

Sitting on his bike, with an oxygen mask strapped to his face, Froome faced the daunting ramp test to judge his VO2 max levels – turns out his lungs are alright, with an 84.6 rating.

After the assessments, Froome said, “This was my first time to the GSK Human Performance Lab and it has been pretty mind-blowing. Just the level of detail that everything involves here, it really is cutting edge technology.”

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The reigning Tour de France champion continued, “The main objective for me coming to the lab was to get a baseline understanding of what enables me to be able to perform the way I do on the bike. This is where it could be the half a percent that I need to win a race. It could be the difference between winning and losing.”

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Chris Froome at the GSK Human Performance Lab, London (Photo: onEdition) from the numbers released.