Watch: Cyclist shows fast reactions as he chases down and rugby tackles bike thief (video)

Bike shop mechanic only has to deal with €200 worth of damage rather than losing his bike

A cyclist from Dublin had to be quick on his feet as he chased down an opportunist bike thief who attempted to make off with his bike.

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CCTV footage of the incident shows the head mechanic of 360 Cycles leaning his Merida bike outside the store, before heading back inside.

Spotting the bike unattended, a young man in a black top and grey tracksuit jumps on it and attempts to ride off, but is then rugby tackled to the ground as the mechanic comes running back out of the shop.

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The two men then get to their feet and appear to exchange blows, before the cyclist runs back and picks his bike out of the road.

According to the caption under the video, the mechanic’s bike sustained €200 worth of damage in the incident.

The shop is also “urging all bike owners to lock their bikes at all times even if you are just leaving it for under a minute”, advice that their mechanic will surely now be heeding.