Watch: Cyclist finds abandoned kitten at side of road; saves its life by tucking it down his jersey

Kitten looks very relaxed as it licks his neck while he rides home

A cyclist in Brazil became a lifesaver last week as he rescued an abandoned kitten that he spotted while out riding.

Viitor Fonseca was training near his home in Taquarituba, Brazil, when he came across a tiny, orphaned kitten at the side of the road.

Unable to just keep riding, Fonseca decided to take the little kitten into his care, but with no bag to carry it in he had to improvise.

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Instead he decided to tuck it down the front of his jersey where it sat quite happily, meowing as he rode along and licking his neck.

“Saving a little life today,” Fonseca wrote on Facebook. “I’m glad he liked me and didn’t claw me.”

Fonseca rode the last 10km back to his house, and has since been able to find a safe and loving home for the kitten.

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