Watch: Cyclist somehow gets up after being hit by lorry

Filmed on a following vehicle's dashcam, this footage shows a cyclist's miraculous escape from what could have been a fatal collision

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A video has emerged of the moment a cyclist had a very lucky escape after being knocked off by a passing lorry. The video is reportedly from Russia, a country that has produced previous footage of dramatic crashes and miraculous near misses.

Lorry hits cyclist Russia leaving lane

The lorry begins to drift out of its lane

It is unclear what exactly is going on, but it appears that the lorry drifts out of its lane to the inside of the cyclist before knocking the rider off.

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If the lorry hadn’t drifted quite so far off the road it could have hit the cyclist head on, which surely would have caused more serious injuries.

Lorry hits cyclist Russia point of impact

The lorry and cyclist collide

The footage was captured on the dashcam of a pursuing car which was following far enough back for the camera to record the cyclist getting back up off the road, seemingly without any serious injuries.

This isn’t the first lucky escape we’ve seen. Back in the spring we featured footage, also said to have been shot in Russia, of a cyclist surviving a brush with a lorry that completely destroyed his bike.

There was also the video of a girl in Taiwan who managed to stay upright despite her bike being completely wiped away from her by a passing car.