Watch: Latest amazing road bike trials video

Trials champion David Cachon takes his road bike off-road and onto the trails for a stunt-filled piece of fun

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Double former trials world champion David Cachon has proven bike-handling skills, so when he decided to take his road bike off the tarmac and onto some trails the result makes for spectacular viewing in his Make Your Own Shortcut film.

“One day someone defined a shortcut as the fastest way to cover the distance between two points without following the main road,” says Spaniard Cachon.

“Today I believe that the shortcuts are the most fun way to ride on a bicycle.”

Cachon uses and abuses his disc-brake equipped skinny-tyred machine over rocky trails, jumps, walls, steps, the local skate park and a quick break in his bike shop… before rejoining his road riding buddies on the asphalt.

Of course, it’s similar to the original tricks-and-stunts-on-a-road-bike-video – Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party classic – but Cachon manages to add his own dash of style.