Watch: Peter Sagan’s leg powered Christmas lights

The Slovak sensation reveals his and hers exercise bikes, lights up the city with his leg power

Peter Sagan is now the star of a mobile phone network advert in his home country of Slovakia.

The world champion takes the lead in this festive clip from Telekom SK in very Sagan fashion. He presents his partner with an exercise bike and then reveals one of his own.

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Jumping on his new Christmas present and giving the kind of wattage output that saw him power away on the cobbled climb at the World Championships, the Slovak’s riding ends up illuminating the Christmas lights for the whole town.

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It looks like the gist of the advert is a two for one deal on mobile phones; two’s better than one being demonstrated by the combined power ouput of the static bikes.

This Christmas will be the 25-year-old’s first as a married man, following a lavish ceremony earlier this winter.

In true showman style, he rode a bike on a zip-wire, dressed like a nobleman and waved a chainsaw around.