Watch the scary moment two track riders in Germany ride off the banking and into the stands

The two riders were racing one another when they both exited the track, falling over the boards and into the stand.

A video has emerged on Twitter of two racers exiting the track of a velodrome and careering over the advertising hoardings and into stand.

The dramatic footage shows the riders racing side-by-side to one another as they cross the start/finish line.

Then, the pair both make their way up the velodrome’s banking mid-way through the turn but instead of riding at a higher height and then returning to a lower part of the track on the back straight, disaster strikes.

The rider closest to the boards appears to ride on them and then rides off the track and flies through the air and into the stands. The second rider follows almost identically and the pair are seen crashing into the stand.

The duo crash at a high speed and land some distance beyond where they left the track.

It is believed that the race was part of the 3 Track Tournament in Germany, although CW couldn’t verify that. It is also not known whether or not the riders suffered injuries or not.

It looks as if only a few people were in the stands at the time of the crash, but screams can be heard as the riders veer off track.