Watch: Sylvain Chavanel struggles to take his rain coat off at Ghent-Wevelgem (video)

IAM Cycling rider Sylvain Chavanel made a bit of a hash of taking his jacket off on Sunday, making teammate Vicente Reynes look a bit of a fool in the process

Sunday in Belgium was a day to wear all the clothing you could find to protect you from the weather, but IAM Cycling’s Sylvain Chavanel decided it was time to take his rain jacket off.

Normally, for a professional cyclist, this is something you can do with some ease; riding no-handed for a few seconds while you carefully stow the jacket in your back pocket.

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In Sunday’s gales at Ghent-Wevelgem, however, Chavanel roped in teammate Vicente Reynes to help and soon wished he hadn’t.

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Try as Reynes might, the Spaniard couldn’t tug Chava’s jacket over his gloves, ending in a comical scene with the Frenchman finally giving up and doing it himself.

The riders couldn’t see the funny side of it, though, and who can blame them? But the look Chavanel gives Reyes as he rips the jacket back off Reyes looks pretty fierce.

The 35-year-old recovered from his ordeal to seal a 20th-place finish in the race, battling through to the end when many had thrown in the towel.