Watch the highlights from the world’s most barmy cyclocross race

Looks like a right laugh

We all know how hard cyclocross is, but would you ever try to do it with just one gear while dressed as a Lego man? Well, that’s exactly what these crazy cyclists did at the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships that were held last weekend in Victoria, Canada.

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The SSCXWC is an annual event that brings a more light hearted slant to racing cyclocross – while fancy dress is not mandatory it is strongly encouraged and the winner must celebrate their title with a tattoo.

This video perfectly encapsulates the chaos and carnage of the day with snow brought in specially to test the competitors and tequila shortcuts for those that back their livers. There is also, of course, a number of nasty crashes and a healthy dose of erm… encouragement from the vocal crowd.

This year the men’s race was won by Adam Craig and the women’s race by Mical Dyck but really this is an event that’s not about the winners or losers but a weekend of fun cyclocross action and questionable fashion choices.