Watch: Will Doherty rides up 20 steps in a cyclo-cross race (video)

Talented American junior racer Will Doherty perfectly displays how to stay in the saddle and clipped in while tackling a set of 20 steps in Colorado

Steps are a common obstacle thrown into the mix in cyclo-cross races, with the expectation that riders will dismount, shoulder their bike and run up them.

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Now, though, a new trend is emerging – stay clipped in and ride up them.

American junior cyclo-cross racer Will Doherty is one of the few riders who have mastered the art of pumping their bikes up the steps so that they are clipped in and ready to accelerate at the top.

Terri Smith filmed Doherty tackling a set of 20 steps during the Primalpalooza cyclo-cross event in Colorado earlier in October – and it’s an impressive display of almost gravity-defying riding.

While the jury is still out on whether it really is quicker than dismounting and running up, there’s no denying that it’s a crowd-pleasing spectacle of bike-handling skills.

If you fancy emulating Doherty’s enviable skills, we’ll just say that it’s at your own risk.