The various different cycling ?tribes? across the UK, have been defined for the first time, with ?credit crunch crawlers? apparently the fastest growing group.

The ?tribes of cycling? have been defined by experts and exhibitors involved with this week?s Cycle 08 show. The experts found that each group has clearly defined characteristics (shopping, reading and internet surfing habits), making each of the ?tribes’ unique.

In these belt-tightening times, the ?credit crunchers?, who according to experts studying the demographics of Cycle show attendees, are the most rapidly expanding cycling group.

?This is an easily distinguishable tribe that has been drawn back to getting on the saddle because of the huge amount of money that can be saved- even by just using a bike for a few journeys a week can soon add up to an annual saving of more than a thousand pounds,? Andrew Brabazon, director of Cycle 08 show, explained.

The group is not only defined by its adherence to the humble bicycle as a practical and economical method of transport, the group are apparently frequenters of eBay, readers of any free newspapers, Aldi shoppers and are aged between 23-63.

Other identified ?tribes? include city commuters, road racer/speed demon, off-road enthusiasts, BMX bandits, Saturday shoppers, trendy treaders and cycle-couriers.

The Cycle 08 show begins on Friday and continues until Sunday.


CycleFit has announced that it will be operating Europe?s first professionally accredited cycle-fitting course, starting this December. The three-day class will run from December 5-7 and will be based in central London.

The course will be run by two CycleFit directors as well as David Hulse (physician to the Tour of Britain) and Paraic Mcglynn (SICI?s director of Applied Cycling Science).

The class is ideal for dealers and other interested parties wishing to offer professional bike fit services.

Visit for more details.


British Cycling?s Talent Team has another of its training days for youth boys and girls at Mallory Park (Leicestershire) on Tuesday October 28.

There will be a full day of road and MTB coached activities for youth, A, B and C category riders. The day is designed to give young riders the opportunity to experience a group coaching session as well as brush up on road and MTB racing skills.

If you?re interested, please register by Friday October 17 by sending an email to with your name, date of birth and club (if appropriate).


Wet but calm conditions greeted the riders for the first round of the Welsh cyclo-cross league on Sunday.

It was Andrew Baum who braved the thick mud and steep banks to take the first round ahead of Ian Jeremiah and Ross Porter.


If you?re looking for an end of season sportive, why not have a go at the Exmoor Beast on November 2?

The Beast, in its second running this year, pits riders against the gruelling Exmoor roads and benefits from closed roads (where necessary) as well as plenty of marshals.

See for more details.