What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten while cycling?

We asked Cycling Weekly readers to tell us the weirdest thing they've eaten while out on the bike, in association with Decathlon

We all know it’s important to eat and drink when cycling, and anyone who’s ever bonked a long way from home will be especially aware how important it is to stay well fuelled.

However, sometimes we might not have a ready supply of performance nutrition products to hand and might have to make do with something else.

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We asked Cycling Weekly readers what kind of foods they’ve found themselves indulging in whilst out cycling, and we present a selection of the answers here, in association with Decathlon.

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What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten while cycling?

Flies. Best advice I’ve been given in recent years is to keep your mouth shut when riding past horse poo or rotting badgers to avoid the above delicacies.
Steve Owen

I called into my local takeaway on the way out on a ride (I know the guy that owns it), he insists that I take ‘special Turkish flatbread’ which was a massive rolled-up pizza in greaseproof paper. I ended up cycling with a rolled-up pizza sticking out of my jersey. Made for some pretty tasty fuelling though. 10/10, would eat again.
Rob Stevens

Scrambled egg… but very messy.
Bobby Hall


Some sort of bug while cycling passed a rapeseed field, don’t know what it was but to be fair it tasted sweet. Quite nice, if I am honest.
Baz Jarvis

I live in Taiwan and I often stop when out for a ride to tuck into the Taiwanese delicacy of stinky tofu. As the name suggests this is a rather pungent fermented tofu dish, either served grilled or in a soup. If you can get over the aroma of the sewer, it’s quite delicious!
Tom Ibbotson

I had two punnets of raspberries, six nectarines and eight figs stuffed in my rear pockets, and ate them all over 30 miles. Looked like a fruit and veg man speeding by.
Jordan Clarke

Out on a group ride I once stopped at a cafe for a coffee and cake. Realised they were having a special barbecue and had that. Six hours and two plates of chicken and steak, and several beers later, the wife had to collect me and the bike. I forgot to stop the Garmin too.
Steve Hislop

Top foods to be at your best on the bike

What I thought was going to be a small bowl of carbonara in France was a huge plate of pasta with cream, grated cheese and about eight rashers of bacon laid on the top. The boys were happy to finish it off for me.
Emma Robinson

I was once on a training ride in Okinawa, Japan, where I was stationed in the military. I bonked and needed food quickly, so I popped into some hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant. The only words I recognised on the menu were ‘rice’ and ‘taco’. I had no idea taco is octopus. I ate lots of rice.
Ronnie Boutte

Eaten my words, when I bonked!
Mark Watson