Where in the world is the best place to go for a bike ride?

We asked Cycling Weekly readers to nominate the best location in the world to enjoy a bike ride

Ever fancied stretching out from your well-ridden local routes and find the ultimate global cycling destination? Here are some suggestions…

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to nominate the best location in the world to go for a bike ride, and we present a selection of answers in association with B’Twin.

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Where in the world do you think is the best place to go for a bike ride? Let us know in the comment section below.

West coast of Scotland between Mallaig and Fort William in October. Stunning views, colours that radiate out when the sun breaks through the clouds and every season in 60-ish miles.
Shaun Kirby

The Cotswolds. Great roads, low-volume traffic, plenty of quaint villages to pass through, lots of tearooms, big hills, plenty of alternate routes, views to die for, patient drivers — they are used to being stuck behind tractors so are happy to wait behind cyclists if they have to.
Lee Ross

If you’re lucky enough to live in Donegal… you’re lucky enough.
Donal McGee

Anywhere the rubber meets the road, the sun shines on your face and a gentle breeze is on your tail. That’s where.
John Gilbert

Majorca — Sa Calobra descent and then climb back out. Both awesome.
Colin Price

Tenerife. The ascent from Santiago del Teide followed by the Masca descent. It’s like Majorca’s Sa Calobra only tougher, longer, steeper and more beautiful.
Jackie Frazer

Outside. Better than inside.
David Silver

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The UK, Australia and New Zealand. Everywhere else they drive on the wrong side of the road and shout at you in foreign languages, some of them sound very angry but I have no idea what they are on about.
Neil Jackman

Belgium: cobbles, wind, hills and beer.
Mike Gough

Dumfries and Galloway. Quiet roads, fantastic scenery and friendly people. What else do you need?
Nigel Lewin

North-west Crete. Mountains, sea, beautiful scenery, quiet roads and great people. You cannot beat it. Heaven on earth for cyclists.
Phil Whitlam

Switzerland. The best tarmac and no white van man… and some big hills to contend with.
Kevin Booth

Alps – better than the local High Street?

New Forest or the Isle of Wight.
Andy Miller

Anywhere with a mate, a cafe stop and all your troubles disappear while getting fitter.
Claire Whitworth

Home from my work. In fact, anywhere from my work.
Darren Ross

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Gran Canaria. Great weather all year round. Smooth tarmac, amazing scenery and 2,000-metre climbs.
Mark Vogler

Your own neighbourhood. You will be amazed at the things you never knew were there until you explore on your bike.
Graeme Hirstwood

Mont Ventoux. It even smells beautiful.
David Robertson

Hay-on-Wye to Llanthony via Gospel Pass and Capel-y-ffin.
Leighton Williams

Normandy. Quiet roads, undulating terrain and no road rage.
Jon Elliott