Cycling Weekly will have a rider blogging from every round of this year’s Pearl Izumi Tour Series, offering insight, comment and humour from the fast-paced proceedings.

Rapha-Condor-JLT rider Felix English tells us about how difficult the Tour Series is when you’re not on form.

I think the combination of a month of late nights, travelling and aggressive racing has finally caught up with me, so much so that I really struggled during last night’s round in Woking. I don’t think I ever got into the top 20 positions in the bunch, and that there was nowhere to recover along the course meant that it was always going to be a difficult evening for me.

Had it have been a flowing, flat course – like the one in Torquay – I might have finished the race, but last night it was too much. I pulled out around halfway through, and immediately got into the Rapha-Condor-JLT team car to rest. I didn’t last long in there either; it’s never nice being so close to a race when you’re not actually in it. I ended up going to the team bus.

I tried to prepare for the race as best as I could. I spent as much time resting as possible following on from Saturday’s IG London Nocturne, and made sure I ate properly on race day. We normally have a split lunch – something around midday after a quick ride, and then some rice at 4pm. 

Because I’m still young, I don’t think my body has been able to cope with the demands of the Tour Series as well as some of the older, more experienced guys competing. John Herety [Rapha-Condor-JLT manager] told me to rest all day today, so I stayed in the car while the other riders rode the last 30 miles to our hotel in Aylsham ahead of tomorrow’s round. I’ve just had a massage, which is about the hardest thing I’ll do today.

I’m rooming with Ed Clancy again tonight, who is a reassuring voice to have around after races. He keeps me sane, even though we spend a lot of our time talking about…well, I’m not actually sure what we talk about. I guess that’s what makes the time go so quickly.

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