Another revolutionary freehub (video)

Belgian inventor Jan Deckx showed us his D-Fix freehub at the London Bike Show. Now he’s got competition.

There are several advantages to leaving your cassette attached to your bike when you have to remove your rear wheel, not least avoiding having to handle your well-lubricated drivechain. We have previously featured the D-Fix freehub where the axle divides when the quick release is opened, so that the wheel can be taken off the bike leaving the gears and chain still in place.

Now we’ve unearthed a video on You Tube which shows a remarkably similar system from a California company, Liberty Wheel Systems LLP. You can watch the video below, which explains how it works.

Liberty has also invented a front wheel quick release which does not require unscrewing the skewer to get past the front dropouts’ lawyer’s lips and a wheel tightening nut which does not need readjusting. It claims to have other, undisclosed, novel bike products in development.

Like Deckx, Liberty is currently seeking crowdfunding to develop and market its product: in its case $50,000. It also offers its rear hub for sale at $350, suggesting that it is at least in limited production.

We hope that the competing companies don’t end up spending all their pledged funds suing each other for patent infringement.

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