Best of Eurobike 2011: FSA groupset gets closer

Cycling Weekly went along to Eurobike, the world’s biggest cycle trade show, to bring you news of what’s hot for 2012 and beyond…

FSA’s groupset project is getting closer, each year for the last couple they’ve added or updated something.

This year saw a lightweight, aluminium-carrier cassette, a chain, new TT aerobar shifters and some rear mech tweaks.

Known as Metron, it’ll see first light as a TT/Tri gruppo under the Vision brand.

FSA mech, Eurobike 2011

Metron rear mech

FSA aero shifters, Eurobike 2011

Time trial aero bar shifters

FSA cassette, Eurobike 2011

FSA delivers the aluminium-carrier cassette

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