Best of Eurobike 2011: Testing stuff

Cycling Weekly went along to Eurobike, the world’s biggest cycle trade show, to bring you news of what’s hot for 2012 and beyond…

The UCI’s 3:1 aspect ratio began to be enforced for components as well as bikes this season, but many manufacturers have continued to make super aero non-compliant parts so testers and triathletes alike can ride the fastest stuff available.

Deda’s Bandito bar was probably the best-looking thing at Eurobike. Check the ‘through the stem’ air channel. 3T also continues its Ventus, updated with more carbon parts, reducing weight.

Deda Bandito bar, Eurobike 2011
Deda Bandito: Air channel stem keeps front aero

Deda Bandito bar, Eurobike 2011

Bandito wins beauty contest

3T bars, Eurobike 2011

3T is playing with super-narrow 300mm base bars

3T Ventus bar, Eurobike 2011

3T’s Ventus gets more carbon

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