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Ciamillo Brakes, makers of the Zero Gravity after-market brake components, will now be distributed in the UK by Roche Sports, the company behind the successful Sabbath Cycles brand.

“Ciamillo brakes have done exceptionally well all over the world and their Zero Gravity brake really set the benchmark and created a whole new market for itself,” said Roche Sports Director, Greg Roche.

“Their super low weight combined with manufacturing and performance superiority puts them above all rivals in the market place and offers a fantastic upgrade for the discerning cyclist.”

Four models of brake are available in the 2012 Ciamillo Brakes range:

The range-topping Gravitas model costs £649.99 and weighs in at a claimed 120g per set, something that the company claims make it the ‘highest performing and lighest brake on the market’.

Next in the heirarchy is the Zero Gravity system, followed by the 140g Negative G and a 180g G Cross cyclo-cross specific system.

All models offer a range of adjustments that allow you to set braking power at different points in the travel of the brake lever.

The company offers an Absolute Zero custom colour programme, where customers can specify the combination of colours used in their brakes. Colour choice is from red, green, purple, blue, orange, white or black. Turn-around time is six weeks and the service costs around £40-£50 on top of the normal RRP.

The full Ciamillo Brakes line-up with RRPs is as follows:

Set Weight: 120g
RRP: £649.99

Negative G
SS Set Weight: 174g
RRP: £209.99

Ti Set Weight: 160g
RRP: £269.99

GSL Set Weight: 140g
RRP: £324.99

Zero Gravity
Set Weight: 120g
RRP: £309.99

G Cross: Cyclo-cross brakes
Set Weight: 180g
RRP: £324.99

Replacement pad holders are also available
Alloy pads RRP: £89.99
Carbon pads RRP: £99.99

Absolute Zero custom colour pricing
Gravitas RRP: £699.99
Zero G RRP: £349.99
Negative G SL RRP: £324.99
Negative G Ti RRP: £309.99
GX RRP: £324.99

Ciamillo Brakes

Ciamillo Brakes

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