Ford Tourneo Connect: classy bike lugger

Ford Tourneo Connect

Ford’s all new Tourneo Connect joins a few other van-based cars as a stylish alternative when it comes to transporting bikes. At the recent press launch we took along a behemoth of a 29er mountain bike and it fitted comfortably upright in the back.

There aren’t many high-roofed vehicles which can swallow a bike or two without removing a wheel or two and the Tourneo does a great job turning a the sort of van which delivers small packages  into a civilised family all-rounder.

We had to take a single back set out of the standard length Tourneo but that is a five second job and while it’s heavy, it small enough to store in the house. The bike wheels in and with the front wheel turned into the rear footwell, it leaves plenty of room in the boot and for back seat passengers. Take a front wheel out and you could get two bikes in this configuration.

Best of all of the Spanish built Connect family  is the Grand Tourneo, basically a stretched version the flat-packed estate car load area with high roof offers multiple bike carrying options. You can get one with seven seats too. Who needs a ruddy great 4×4 when you can have one of these?

Fords are some of the nicest cars to drive and the Tourneo is no exception. We cruised down to Goodwood for a fun loading challenge in the race circuit car park and free bacon butties. This car testing lark is a hoot.

Ford Tourneo Connect prices start from £14,245.

Ford Tourneo 2

Ford Tourneo 3