Things you should and shouldn't buy on Black Friday

The day you've been waiting for is almost here...

The Black Friday sales - official start date Friday November 24 - pretty much kicked off at the very outset of the month this year, but many shoppers have been holding out in the hope of mega savings on the day.

At Cycling Weekly, our inboxes have been brimming with embargoed (secret) Black Friday deals for some time and we've been highlighting the very best offers as and when they go live.

But where are the real bargains to be found? What's worth investing in? And what's not?

Things to buy if you were already in the market...



Bike brands generally release new model year (eg in this case 2018) bikes around September - to coincide with Eurobike.

Though there are some exceptions where a brand administers a total overhaul, many bikes just see a few tweaks.

The result for the consumer is that retailers need to get rid of outgoing bikes (2017 this year) from September onwards.

This means that prices drop on bikes that are basically identical - save for some new paint jobs, and alterations in the region of 3% stiffness, 2% aero-super-ness and 2.7% comfort.

Add Black Friday to the mix, and you've got some seriously good value bikes. 

There's an incentive for the retailer to get these bikes out the door, so if you were already in the market for a bike, now could well be the time to pounce.

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Bike lights

Everyone needs bike lights - and though there are some budget options around, reliability is incredibly important and really that comes when you spend a little bit more with a quality brand.

Thankfully, several retailers have acknowledged that the high price of these beams represents somewhat of a barrier to consumers.

Evans Cycles has reduced a host of bike lights by 30% - which when applied to a unit from a quality brand like Exposure is a pretty hefty saving.

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Shoes and helmets

chris froome sidi shoes criterium du dauphine

Chris Froome wearing his new Sidi shoes at the Critérium du Dauphiné (Photo: Watson)
(Image credit: Watson)

Shoes and helmets, like bikes, often get rereleased each year - with a few tweaks here and there. Of course, in some cases these tweaks are massive and represent a proper re-invention, but in others they're minor.

Buying last year's model doesn't mean you lose out - and with Black Friday discounts you can enjoy a nice chunk off. We've seen some tasty bargains already.

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Things you probably weren't in the market for but could be a good investment....

GoPro Refurb

Bikes, shoes, helmets - all things cyclists do kind of need. No one really needs a GoPro, but then neither does anyone need a fancy TV or very-posh headphones. Some things are just nice to have.

Though you might not have been on the look-out for a helmet camera, eBay is selling refurbished GoPro Hero 5 Black cameras - and the savings are pretty mint.

Buy now: Go Pro Hero 5 Black at eBay for £260

New tech

The Garmin Edge 520 is light and compact, taking up little room on your handlebars

The Garmin Edge 520 is light and compact, taking up little room on your handlebars
(Image credit: Picasa)

So you've probably already got a cycling computer - but with Black Friday enjoying a history in tech, most retailers have stuck with the message and slashed the prices on GPS devices. The closest thing cycling really has to wide screen TVs and Apple goodies (which of course are on mega deals).

There are some pretty good deals to be had on computers...

Apple TV

With the news that Zwift is now available on Apple TV, it seems like the perfect time to pick up one of these.

Zwift says it saw a major uplift in the number of people using its fitness software since it became available for iOS - iPhone and iPad - hence the decision. The Apple TV 4K has Apple’s fastest yet Apple-designed processors which deliver enhanced performance. Instant, native Bluetooth pairing lets users connect to smart trainers, power meters, heart rate monitors, and other exercise sensors.

Buy Now: Apple TV at John Lewis for £149

Dyson Hot and Cool fan was £399, now £229

If you're currently completing turbo sessions without a fan: STOP. Overheating drastically decreases your power output - and makes every workout feel lot harder.

This Dyson fan can be used to keep the air cool - AND you can use it to heat the room back up after you're done.

Buy now: Dyson Hot and Cool fan at Amazon for £229

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Castelli clothing


Castelli pretty much rules the world of winter cycling clothing (imagine such a world...) - and retailers know that riders love it. So they've been price war-ing over the brand since Black Friday began, which is handy for anyone feeling the chill on winter rides...

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Stuff you really shouldn't buy cos it's Black Friday...

A bike that doesn't fit you

A Hoy bikes balance bike being enjoyed. Photo By Stephen Hughes.

Photo By Stephen Hughes.
(Image credit: Stephen Hughes)

Sometimes you come across an AMAZING deal on a bike - but it's just that little bit bigger or smaller than would be ideal.

Do not be tempted. A bike that doesn't fit you is a false investment - and will only result in excessive extra spends on bike fits and negative/positive stems in very strange lengths.

Anything else that doesn't fit

The above applies to clothing, helmets - and shoes... don't do a Cinderella on us.

A bodge deal

It's not uncommon for retailers to bulk out their genuine Black Friday deals pages with a few extra bits and bobs, here and there. Avoid anything that doesn't look like a particularly genuine saving - you could probably buy it at the same price next week.

You can check the validity of Amazon deals on

There's no such tool for cycling retailers - but think 30-50%, not 10%, and you're on the right track - or just check our Black Friday deals posts for the best bargains. 

A puppy

Sandringham dog, Tour of Britain 2011, stage seven

They're for life. Not just Black Friday.

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