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This radical new triathlon bike could soon be used in UCI races (video)

Diamondback Andean is unlike anything used in UCI races right now

With the UCI planning to relax its rule on 3:1 aero tube shape profiles and restart testing of disc brakes in the 2017 season, we could see some pretty crazy bikes raced in World Tour races, such as, for example, the new Diamondback Andean.

The new bike from Diamondback, the bike sponsor of the Rally Cycling US Continental team that raced in this year’s Tour of California (an event which will be on the UCI World Tour calendar in 2017), features everything that the UCI has long attempted to exclude from its races: huge deep aerodynamic tubes, structurally unnecessary fairings, and of course, the anti-Christ of Aigle, disc brakes.

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The creation is the work of a collaboration between Diamondback and aerodynamicists from the University of Toronto, and has been developed in the university’s half-sized wind tunnel, an environment that is apparently easier to control than full-sized wind tunnels, allowing for more precise testing of different aerodynamic scenarios such as riding in different wind conditions and in different parts of a pack.

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Probably the most eye-catching area of the Diamondback Aerean is around the bottom bracket, which has been given a huge aerofoil called the ‘Aerocore’, which Diamondback says will smooth the airflow between the front and rear wheels, while the choice to go with a SRAM 1x single ring chainset means the airflow in this area is smoothed further.

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For the triathletes out there, the bike also comes with numerous integrated storage spaces, with space for a toolkit and spares just in front of the bottom bracket, a water bottle between the aero bars, and your lunch in a box on the top tube.

Availability for the Diamondback Andean is yet to be confirmed, but the company has chosen to sell it direct to the consumer in a range of builds for between $6280-$8600 (~£4750-£6500).

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