This gadget lets you listen to music through your helmet rather than your headphones

Domio might be a safer way to listen to music while riding

Particularly when riding around town, it’s always important to be able to hear what’s going on around you, meaning that headphones might not be a good idea. But if you still want to listen to music when cycling there could now be a solution.

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Domio is a, well, thing that you attach to your helmet using a 3M adhesive mount. From there it uses “a special type of micro-vibration technology to transmit sound waves to and throughout the helmet itself” so you don’t need to wear headphones to enjoy your tunes.

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Launching today and with delivery expected in the Autumn, Domio connects with your phone or music player using Bluetooth, and volume can be controlled using a dial on the device. Battery life is claimed to be seven hours in normal conditions (although expect that to go down in especially hot or cold weather) with charging done through a micro USB cable.

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The unit is available to pre-order through the company’s website for a discounted price of $49 (approx. £33), with the RRP eventually being $109 (£75). However, the company is initially only shipping to US and Canada, with consumers in Europe and Asia having to wait until the end of 2016.