Exclusive: Campagnolo announces Athena 11-speed groupset

Campagnolo is to add a fourth groupset to its 11-speed line-up. Less than a year since it unveiled the new Super Record, Record and Chorus, it has announced 11-speed Athena.

The Italian firm says the positive feedback it received in the short time that the other 11-speed groupsets have been on the market was enough to encourage it to expand the new technology and make it available mid-range.

So the Athena name has been revived for the purpose and Campagnolo is billing it as ?the 11-speed for everyone?.

Where the top three groupsets make increasing use of carbon, to keep the price down Athena is mainly alloy. However, Campagnolo stresses that Athena shares the same engineering, the same technical solutions, and the same design, differing only in the finish, materials and price.

Details of price and availability to follow.

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Campagnolo Athena1. Ergopower levers

The Athena levers take the new shape of the other 11-speed levers, featuring the new asymmetric ?hook? at the top for the third hand position.

Vari-Cushion hoods use softer rubber for the palm of the hand and a harder compound for where the fingers grip.

The double-bend lever and new pivot position means more powerful, efficient braking, which is also easier to modulate.

AluCarbon brake levers have a carbon layer over an aluminium core; Campagnolo says they offer reliability, stiffness and mechanical strength, and are corrosion proof with a long fatigue life.

Shifting runs on low-friction polymer bushings, which offer high precision, light shifting and constant shifting accuracy.

Weight: 360g

Campagnolo Athena Campagnolo Athena

2. Crankset

Two Athena cranksets are offered, both of which use the Ultra-Torque bottom bracket system. One is alloy with polished rings and the other carbon with gun-metal grey rings. Both are available in 53/39 or compact 50/34, with 170, 172.5 or 175mm cranks.

Ultra-Shift chainrings have two specialised sectors for upshifting and two for downshifting, and an asymmetric tooth profile is used on the inner ring, to optimise shifting, allowing the chain to cross more easily between rings.

Weight: 869g

Campagnolo Athena

3. Front derailleur

The Athena front mech has a steel cage with a treated surface to protect against rust. The 11-speed inner cage features improved stiffness over 10 speed for quicker shifting, plus better chain clearance. Available as braze or band in 32 or 35mm.

Weight: 92g

4. Cassette

Athena?s cassette is all steel with nickel-chrome treated surfaces to improve wear. To keep weight down it has an aluminium carrier. It has the Ultra-Shift tooth profile and sprocket synchronisation, making sure the chain leaves one sprocket and engages on another at the same point, putting less stress on it.

Weigh: 236g

Campagnolo Athena

5. Rear derailleur

The all-alloy Athena rear mech uses Ultra-Shift parallelogram geometry, which Campagnolo says offers increased stiffness over 10 speed, and it claims better and shifting accuracy for it too. Jockey wheels in a special rubber save weight and improve vibration damping.

Weight: 218g

6. Chain

The 11-speed chain is a super-narrow 5.5mm. All the 11-speed chains feature a new material for the outer link, which Campagnolo says is 20 per cent more resilient than 10-speed. Athena?s chain is the same as the 11-speed Chorus chain, which has solid pins rather than the hollow pins of Super Record and Record.

Weight: 256g

Campagnolo Athena

7. Brake callipers

The brake callipers are polished alloy and Athena-branded, the same Skeleton design as used in the10-speed groupsets with twin pivot at the front and rear single pivot.

Weight: 318g

Campagnolo Athena


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