Eye-catching new saddle raises over £20,000 in crowdfunding project

Narrow, split saddle design claims to improve your comfort and power

Dash Cycles may be far from a household name, but that hasn’t stopped it from raising almost $30,000 (more than £20,000) in crowdfunding for its line of padded carbon-fibre saddles, which will be priced at $229 (£155) when they are available in March.

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The eye-catching Stage saddle shown above is the most affordable of the Dash range, and will come in a range of three different widths, with a carbon shell and carbon/kevlar rail, covered in a multi-density padding for those who are not confident in the comfort of pure carbon saddles. All of this gives a final claimed weight if 175g.

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The slightly odd shape is claimed to increase the range of hip motion without causing hot spots and discomfort. The company also claims that many of its customers report increased power outputs when using the saddle.

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However, if you’ve got a bit more to spend and fancy trying one of the lightest saddles that money can buy, then the Colorado-based company produce the P.3 saddle, which weighs an astonishing 40g thanks to its one-piece carbon-fibre construction. However this sort of weight doesn’t come cheap, with an RRP of $450 (£300) which unfortunately puts it a little beyond the reach of your average weekend warrior.

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Beyond its saddles, Dash also offers a small range of other components, such as seatpost and saddle combo that retails at $1,000 (£680), a 1280g carbon wheelset at $2,800 (£1900), and a disc wheel at $2,500 (£1,700), although none of those prices include the $40 (£27) shipping cost for those living in the UK.

Visit the Dash Cycles website for more details.

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