You might want to consider having your teeth whitened to match the rest of your kit for next season, as the white invasion continues to snowball.

FSA has seized the opportunity to be the first company we are aware of, to offer dedicated white bars, stems and seatposts.

The polished white products are currently limited to the top-of-the-range alloy finishing kit comprising the Wing Pro Compact 7075 double-butted oversized bars, with aero flattened top section and compact drop (125mm), in widths 40-44 centre to centre.

FSA?s SL250 forged, CNC-machined seatpost (27.2 and 31.6mm x 350mm) and OS115 cold-forged 7075 stem, coming in lengths of 90-130mm, with carbon bar clamp and ti bolts, complete the set. Prices are £69.99, £29.99 and £99.99 respectively.

Contact: www.windwave.co.uk, www.fullspeedahead.com