Fulcrum reveals three new wheels, including a disc version

Fulcrum has unveiled three new models that will be joining its popular Racing Quattro range - an updated aluminium version and two carbon clinchers, including a disc version.

Fulrcum says that the purpose of the three new models is to make top level performance available in a variety of options, be it disc or caliper, carbon or aluminium.

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The new models utilise a 24.2mm (17C) rim width to accommodate 25mm or bigger tyres. The carbon versions both have a true 40mm deep rim profile, whereas the new aluminium wheels retain the 35mm deep rims which have been associated with the Racing Quattro wheelset since their inception in 2013.


The carbon rims have a 40mm deep profile

Racing Quattro LG (Aluminium)

The aluminimum version of the Racing Quattro uses a 4mm wider rim than its predecessor whilst allegedly retaining the same top braking surface.

Racing Quattro Carbon

The carbon caliper wheel has uni-directional (UD) full carbon construction with a 3K braking surface. The braking surface has benefitted from 3Diamant treatment which is said to eliminate imperfections to create a consistent and controllable braking surface.


The carbon front wheel has 18 spokes

Racing Quattro Carbon Disc

Just like the normal carbon clincher the disc version has a UD construction, but this is throughout as there is no need for a braking surface.

All three new models have straight pull round butted aero spokes with aluminium nipples. The rear wheels use Fulcrum’s “Two-to-One” lacing pattern (i.e. seven left and 14 right) with an aluminium oversized hub and flange.

The aluminium front wheel has 16 spokes and the carbon caliper front wheel has 18 spokes. However, due to the greater torque that disc brakes face the disc front wheel version has 21 spokes. This isn’t the only difference between the disc version and the caliper version, Fulcrum claims the disc version’s hub has been designed to permit swapping between regular quick release and through axles. Further, the disc version’s hub is also said to be compatible for both six bolt and AFS.

Fulcrum says the aluminium wheels weigh 1725g. The carbon caliper set up is said to weigh 1555g and the disc brake version 1605g.

The availability and pricing is to be confirmed.

For more information go to i-ride.