Grupetto Mergozzo CL

If emulating the professional circuit is just not your bag baby, it’s good to know that there are smaller independent manufacturers offering you more bespoke options, like Grupetto for example.

It’s Mergozzo CL, pronounced ‘mer-got-zo’, is Grupetto’s entry level bike, but with the opportunity to personalise the paint job to match your club kit, favourite colour or just about any colour you can get a swatch of. As long as you follow the pre-set template, the frame and forks come in any colour you fancy – although the Italian painters have been know to have creative hissy fits if your chosen colour ways clash badly, so it’s not just a production line spray job.

Short head tube bucks the trend

Grupetto claim the geometry of the carbon frame is ideal for either race or sportive market. The seat tube angle of 74 degrees seems sensible, not overly steep or slack; but a head tube length of 130mm for a top tube equivalent of 53.5 (a Medium), is short and certainly bucks the sportive geometry trend. It’s a combination that Grupetto believe is good for a long day in the saddle, but we think your back and neck might have something to grumble about spending all day with a front end that low. Constructed using 3k carbon, the frame weighs 1050g, a reasonable weight for a medium sized frame. Complete with internal cable routing the end result is pretty easy on the eye, with none of the outlandish frame shape concepts we’ve seen of late. But if its boundary pushing technology you’re after, then you’re looking in the wrong place – Mergozzo’s key attribute is personalisation.

Say it your way with a custom paint job

Post paint, end bike can then be personalised further with colour matched tyres, hoods and bottle cages, wheel upgrades, matching tyres, hoods, and groupsets. The £1550 full bike option gets you a smattering of Deda, Fulcrum 7 wheels, Vittoria Rubino tyres and Campag’s Veloce groupset, Shimano 105 ups the price by £80. There is a frame and fork option for £985, which still includes the customised paint finish. Available in sizes small to xxlarge.

Where next?
The Mottarone SL is Grupetto’s top level frame and fork, and takes the customisation even further. Still offering the fully personalised paint job, the Mottarone more or less keeps the Mergozzo frame and fork set up – using the same geometry and 3k carbon layup, but is built to order with a variety of options such as with or without integrated seat post, and a BB30 choice. This does push the price tag, up to £1920, but if you the kind of person who fastidiously matches bike kit and fears bumping in to your doppelganger on a club run then the £935 price increase is going to a much easier expense to swallow.

Contact: Grupetto Italia

The frames come in any shade you fancy