Lancashire-based Hope Technology has a solid reputation for designing top-notch products to cope with the UK weather.

With a great track record for hubs and headsets it was really only a matter of time before it produced an aftermarket bottom bracket. True to its usual philosophy, Hope has focused on the quality of the bearings, using the same Swiss supplier for the BBs as for their other products. Two versions are available; stainless steel and ceramic.

Unlike some, Hope?s ceramic bearings are housed in stainless steel races too, for even greater durability and corrosion resistance. Prices are very realistic, the ceramic especially, costing only half as much as the FSA version, making them an easily justifiable upgrade.

Compatible with all common systems and as with other Hope products, you can add a splash of colour for that personal touch, choosing from six colour options. £65 for stainless steel, £90 for ceramic.

Contact: Hope Technology 01282 851200, www.hopetech.com