A headset’s role is uncomplicated and often overlooked, particularly by manufacturers.

Its function may be simple but continuous movement, impact forces and an endless barrage of water and dirt mean standard headsets often don?t last. Upgrading to a Hope headset may well solve your problems for the foreseeable, if not for good.

Independently sealed, fully stainless bearings with additional rubber seals integrated into the CNC?d aluminium cups should keep the muck out, while Hope?s own Hed Doctor (a carbon-friendly steerer bung) takes care of tightening. A split crown race, also CNC?d, means installation and removal of this often-tricky part is easy without the need for special tools.

As well as conventional models, integrated and low stack height versions are available. The conventional headsets are available in the usual six anodised colours and for the integrated models you can have any colour as long as it?s black. £65.

Contact: Hope Technology 01282 851200, www.hopetech.com