Lightweight Urgestalt Carbon Bike

When you think of Lightweight 
you’ll no doubt think about the wheels the company has built its reputation on. Now with just about every wheel niche filled it’s hardly a surprise that the German engineering company has turned its attention to bars, bottle cages and now frames.

Technically the Urgestalt is not the company’s first frame, as its holding company, Carbon Sports, previously made an aero bike, but that was many years ago so to all intents this is a new venture.

Following the principle that seems to have brought us many great products over the years the frame was a ‘homework’ project for one of the carbon engineers that only once finished got announced to superiors and the project became official.

So Urgestalt was designed in Germany but thanks to the factory already operating at capacity the frame has to be made in Asia to Lightweight’s standards. To this end it’s very much Lightweight’s design, which pushed the Asian manufacturers to the limit to create, and in a very Teutonic way every frame is put on a test jig in the Far East before shipping and then tested once again in Germany before being sent out to shops.

Lightweight is therefore sure that the frame is well made but that it can also test it again in the case of an accident. See panel for more details.

The list weight for a 54cm frame is 740g. Lightweight states that it could have made it at 550g but wanted to add more material to give extra security and to make sure the staff could sleep at night. The complete package of specific seatpost, fork and spacers is said to be 1,340g.

The one frame design covers both electronic and mechanical shifting options, and comes in six sizes from 48cm to 60cm. Using a pressfit bottom bracket the cluster is huge, while the head tube has flat sides and a very pleasing shape to it. The seatpost is dedicated to the frame and comes compatible with regular and Monolink versions. The frame is also compatible with 25mm tyres. The price of the frame is a not inconsiderable £3,940

Testing, testing
Having made a name for itself as an artisan German producer of handmade wheels, Lightweight is obviously worried about making its frames in Asia and the customer’s perception of that. So, to ensure high standards, every frame will be tested in Asia before being packaged and sent to Europe. Once in Germany they will be tested again before being sent out.

If your bike’s involved in an accident you’ll be able to send it back and get it tested again and then you will know if the frame’s structure has been compromised. It may then be possible to effect a repair in the same way that the wheels can be repaired. The cost of this assessment will be £100 and the cost of repair will depend on the work required.


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