Lupine Tesla4 £299.99

When it comes to performance lighting Lupine is very much at the forefront of the market, and its latest offering, the Tesla4, offers massive light at a previously unheard of price.

Lupine has designed the unit to be relatively ?no frills?; three settings offer run times of three, nine and 24 hours depending on the output.

At first it looks as though there is just one LED but close examination reveals that four have been built into one unit. Lupine is the first to offer this and the performance is therefore ahead of everyone else?s.

At 700 lumens the output is enough to sensibly ride on unlit roads at full speed. With a wide spread of light there were a couple of times, usually when descending, that I wanted more range and a ?hotter? centre but these numbered only a few.

In the Tesla4 Lupine has made a product that?s a cut above the competition.

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