Given the success of last year’s revolutionary CXR80 wheel, it comes as little surprise that manufacturer Mavic has decided to create a shallower version.

The CXR60, as the name suggests, has a rim depth that measures 60mm, and the result is more of an all-rounder wheel; one that is lighter and less affected by side winds.

To further broaden the wheel’s appeal (and potentially take it outside the race-only scene), the 60s will not only come in a tubular version, but also an alloy clincher version with Exilith2 treatment.

Both clincher and tubular versions will feature Mavic’s unique CX01 blades.

The blades fill in the gap on either side of the wheel that’s formed where the tyre meets the rim – and, in doing so, help present a much smoother surface for air to travel over, leading to a wheel with less drag.

As with most of the rest of the Mavic wheel range the CXR60s, in both formats, will come with the company’s 
own brand of tyres.


Mavic CXR60: weights & prices

Part front rear
Cosmic CXR60 tubular wheel 730g 915g
Cosmic CXR60 tubular inc. tyre 995g 1,180g
Wheel & tyre system £2,000 995g 1,180g
Cosmic CXR60 clincher wheel 820g 1,005g
Cosmic CXR60 clincher inc. tyre 1,165g 1,350g
Wheel & tyre system £1,800 1,165g 1,350g

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