Mekk launch track Pista Series

Following its success on the road Mekk has introduced two new track bikes to its ever-growing range.

Mekk, the brainchild of Mark Edwards (ME) and Ken Knight (KK), has used its wealth of knowledge of the cycling industry to expand onto the boards with two new track bikes, in addition to the already established Mekk road, mountain and cyclocross ranges.

The ethos behind the brand is to create a great frame, which features throughout the range, only varying in finishing kit to match price points in the market.

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Following this ethos Mekk have produced the entry level Pista T1, a triple butted aluminum frame with carbon fork, finished with in-house Saturae components. The frame is said to be Mekk’s third generation from testing and comprises ‘perfect track racing geometry’ and ‘super smooth’ welding that gives the aluminum frame a carbon finished look. This, they say, means that customers can buy this bike complete and progress into track cycling without the need to purchase an entirely new bike.

The second bike in the Pista Series is the Pista C1, which is a carbon alternative sitting at the race end of the market. This offers more visual aero profiling and follows the similar geometry as the T1 with a long top tube and a tight wheelbase.

Both bikes come with three chainrings (48/49/50) covering most track-riding bases and a range of stock sizes.

Pista T1 – £800 – Sizes 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60cm
Pista C1 – £1,399.99 – Sizes 52, 45, 56



Mekk C1 track bike


Mekk T1 track bike

Mekk 90[1]

Mekk 25
Mekk 35
Mekk 87

Mekk 3G Potenza SL5.5

Full carbon-fibre package complete with Shimano Ultegra groupset for less than £1700



Mekk 4G Primo Si 6.5

Mekk have hit the ground running with the new 4G Primo Si 6.5 bike