Michelin Pro4 Grip

Landing just in time for this filthy winter weather is the latest addition to the Michelin Pro4 range. In case you’ve not been paying attention to tyres in the last year or so Michelin has shaken things up with it’s Pro4 Service Course offering – and we don’t say that lightly.

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While there are nominally already four tyres in the range we’ve only seen the Service Course and the Endurance to date so this new Pro4 Grip is the third available design.

Michelin in its wisdom has designed the tyres specifically for cold weather on wet and or poor-condition roads, which pretty much makes them an every day tyre for us at the moment given the dire state of our weather.

As the Tech team currently adore the Pro4 SC for winter riding the statement that the Grip offers an improvement of 15 per cent in wet grip is astounding and something we’re really excited about.

When you add to 
this the fact that they also state a 20 per cent better resistance to punctures we could be starting a serious love affair. The tyre features a new tread compound for the cold and wet, a shoulder design to give a better lean angle; a profile that creates a larger contact point when cornering and the puncture resistance is improved thanks to a high-density aramid breaker layer.

At 216g they’re not heavy so the 
downside must be poor rolling resistance but given that it’s a training/general 
riding tyre that’s hardly a problem. They may wear out quickly but if you want to stay upright we think £41.99 might be a reasonable price to pay.

Michelin Pro4 options

The Service Course is the original tyre in the Pro4 range and now comes in six colour options plus black, of course, and 20, 23 or 25mm widths, it retails for £39.99.

Pro4 Endurance is the second tyre in the range and is firmly targeted at the high mileage rider as it’s better for puncture resistance and mileage but concedes ground to the SC in terms wet-weather grip. It comes in three colours and 23 or 25mm and costs the same as the.

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