Motor Tabs is a new fluid replacement system aimed at endurance athletes.

The large, 20g tablet contains an optimised ratio of 250 milligrams of sodium, 75mg of potassium and 16g of carbohydrate, this being a mix of dextrose, sucrose and maltodextrin.

Restoring the body?s electrolyte balance, the tablet also provides 65 calories per tablet, less than many powder sports drinks. Depending on the application, Motor Tabs recommends that you tailor the fluid intake by using one, one and a half or two tablets in every 473-591ml of water. The individually-wrapped tablets dissolve completely in just a few minutes.

The Motor Tab easily fits into a jersey pocket and comes in fruit punch, lemon-lime and orange flavours.

A single tablet will cost 99p, cartons of mixed flavours £11.99, with 24-tab packs of single flavours priced at £21.99.

Contact: Upgrade Bikes Ltd,,, 01403 711 611