This new baselayer might make you throw away your heart rate monitor

MyZone baselayer has an integrated heart rate monitor and is priced at £79.99

We’ve all been there. After what feels like hours of putting on layer after layer as you prepare for a long training ride in the depths of winter, you’re finally ready to go. Or at least you thought you were, until you look across the room to see your heart rate monitor draped over a chair. Then follows another twenty minutes of gettin undressed and redressed, by which time you’re sweating cobbs and considering whether it’s worth going out for a ride after all.

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Well, such traumatic experiences could now be a thing of the past thanks to MyZone’s new baselayer, which integrates a heart rate monitor into a compression top, to give a piece of clothing that will not only monitor your heart rate and help to keep you warm, but, according to MyZone, will also “improve circulation around the heart, meaning you can reap the rewards of an intense training session”.

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The heart rate monitor uses both Bluetooth and ANT+, so it will work whether you’re using a dedicated cycling computer or your smartphone. The baselayer is priced at £79.99, which might seem like a lot, but actually isn’t too bad considering you’ll be getting both a baselayer and a heart rate monitor. Unfortunately it is only available as a men’s baselayer for the moment, although MyZone does make a sports bra which also has an integrated heart rate monitor.

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As well as the baselayer and sports bra, MyZone also provides a companion training app, which has just been updated to include features such as connectivity with Spotify and Apple Music, WhatsApp-style messaging between you and your mates, and a tracker to see how close you are to hitting the World Health Organisation’s targets for physical activity.