German company Canyon are pushing aerodynamics to the UCI limit. Its interestingly named Project 0.05 bike is one of the most slippery bikes we have seen. Named after the drag coefficient of a raindrop, Canyon’s intention was to design a bike that adhered to that as closely as possible but also didn?t contravene the UCI regulations.

With practically no visible cables and hydraulically operated rim brakes build into the frame structure, only the bare minimum of frontal area is exposed to the passing wind. Neat touches like the front gear mechanism being shrouded and the rear mech being designed to minimise cable exposure and maintain an aerodynamic profile show that a whole lot of thought has gone into this bike.

Choosing hydraulic brakes means that Canyon can route the hoses round tight corners and through small spaces with no impact on the brakes function. Building the brake mechanics into the frame reduces the frontal area and maintains the smooth lines of the frame.

The handlebars are a one-piece moulded design with integral drinks container. The brake and gear cables are integral, entering the frame through the top of the stem and remaining hidden for as far as is possible.

The chainset is a standard Campagnolo Record with an aerofoil type chainring. Finishing off the components are a pair of Lightweights. Its top of the range superlight rear disc wheel and 12 spoke Obermeier front wheel are more than suitable choices for a bike that looks as fast as this does.

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