New smart glasses will give you a fighter pilot’s edge

These augmented reality smart glasses are designed by an Israeli defence company, using the same technology that's used for fighter pilots

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The new Raptor augmented reality smart glasses could have you jetting along your local loops like a fighter pilot.

The specs are made by Everysight, a company whose heritage lies in the Israeli defence system creating eye wear for pilots.

Supposedly, the glasses beam your stats in front of your eyes, mimicking how a pilot receives theirs. That means that when out riding you’ll get updates on both heart rate and cadence as well as speed and power – although the information has to come from already equipped sensors.

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According to Everysight, the real trick is in how it’s displayed. Using patented BEAM technology, you’ll apparently get the information in the same way that a fighter pilot does – as a projection in front of your eyes.

Supposedly, this is safer than using a normal cycling computer as you look through the display, meaning you always keep your eyes on the road.

The heads up display on the Raptor smart glasses

The heads up display on the Raptor smart glasses

There are multiple ways to change the information on fly, including handlebar mounts, temple controls as well as voice command. There’s even an inbuilt camera that shoots high definition footage.

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Not impressed with the current smart glasses on the market, Everysight claim they wanted to create a product that would boost an athlete’s performance.

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“Current smartglasses obstruct the rider’s vision”, said Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO of Everysight. Instead, he claims the Raptor “provides riders with a true augmented reality experience, by floating information crisply and directly before the eye”

While the glasses are firmly aimed at boosting fitness and race performance, we reckon their ultimate use will be gaining an edge over your mates on the Sunday run.