Wattbike has always declared itself 'obsessed with performance' and it hopes to continue bringing that to its users with the newly launched Wattbike Atom

Wattbike, the indoor trainer brand, is making some bold claims: “More accurate and more realistic than any other smart bike available.” It looks as though the new Wattbike Atom is set to help make training indoors more authentic than ever.

Wattbike wanted to make the new Atom the world’s best indoor trainer by replicating the real-world resistance and sensations that you typically get from riding on the road. This, it says, will ensure cyclists of all abilities will be able to fine-tune their training and goals to gain invaluable insight into their performance.

The Wattbike Atom has been two years in development and was designed in response to customer feedback. Lighter, more stylish and compact, affordable, quiet, fully adjustable and of course retaining Wattbike’s original features: accuracy, ride feel, Polar View and Pedalling Effectiveness Score.

Wattbike Atom

A very stylish new home trainer from Wattbike

Wattbike Atom key details

We agree that it has improved massively in the looks department. Slender, compact and more stylish it certainly is. Wattbike has also kept the weight in check – around 44kg, which of course isn’t featherweight but having maundered our test rig around the office we can confirm it isn’t the lump that its older sibling was.

Noise wise we see an improvement too. At 200W the Wattbike Atom produces 70dB that the brand says is well suited to the domestic setting. It has achieved this mainly by removing the air resistance side of the older system, which was both bulky and noisy, to a step motor (that electronically controls the load on the flywheel and moves in discrete steps) and a dynamic magnetic resistance system (dual flywheel design) that can be controlled by the user.

Wattbike Atom

Fully brought into the here and now

As we’ve said above, you keep what Wattbike is known for: great power accuracy and the Polar View, which’ll show you how well you’re pedalling via two independently working measurements from both sides of the cranks. As expected, Bluetooth and ANT+ can connect all your externals such as heart rate.

Gears for the new Atom

Riding experience is at the heart of the Wattbike Atom and so you can select two riding modes. Gear mode will allow users to ‘change gear’ (resistance) from one to 22. The higher the gear, the more resistance the user will feel and the higher the power they will need to produce at a given cadence.

Wattbike Atom

Fully adjustable and possibly very aero too!

Or you can select the Ergo mode that removes the gear choice to fully focus on target wattage. The trainer will automatically adjust resistance so that you keep your wattage. If you slow, the resistance will increase and vice versa.

These modes can be used in all of Wattbike’s typical riding options: climbs, preset workouts, plans and the just ride option.

You’ll be able to get your hands on a new Wattbike Atom for £1,499, which doesn’t include delivery (mainland UK it’s £60 boxed and £110 assembled), however, it is still a big improvement over the previous version costing well over £2,000.