Quarq power meter update with Shimano

Hardware and software updates for Quarq in 2015 along with a new unit compatible with Shimano

Quarq the chainset power meter-measuring unit, previously seen on SRAM groupsets adds a Shimano’s 4-arm FC-9000 version to its range for 2015 model year.

The new chainset uses hollow carbon cranks to minimize weight, with the option to purchase a number of chain ring sizes without effecting accuracy according to Quarq, meaning a swop between 53×39, 52×36 and compact (50×34) combinations that won’t require specific recalibration.

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Quarq’s updated unit provides Power Balance to show you right and left pedal power strokes, will include their latest gizmo an accelerometer, which allows you to measure cadence without a magnet this aids setup on bottom brackets with a larger diameter.

Also included is the new Multipoint, active temperature compensation to aid reliable and accurate data reading what ever the weather or temperature, using a multipoint map linked to thermal response of the meter. Quarq say each power meter will be calibrated before leaving the factory to ensure limited temperature effect on measurements. This will also be available on all new models for the new season.

For the power meter you’ll expect to pay £1,199 for a GPX and £1,249 for a BB30 style bottom bracket. Prices include VAT but don’t include chainrings or bottom brackets.

Contact: www.SRAM.com

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