Classic remade team jerseys are like buses, you wait for ages then three all come along at once…


Never one to miss out on its own long heritage, Santini has released officially licensed version of one of the seminal Seventies jerseys.

Rather than ride around in an itchy wool, or sweaty polyester version, you can now buy a Santini Microsense fabric version of the Ti Raleigh jersey.

Available exclusively through Prendas, the short-sleeve version will set you back £49.95 (the long-sleeved version is £65) and they even have the matching caps. Perfect for your trip to Flanders this year!


Santini retro Raleigh cycling jersey


In a nod to the past, Assos has produced three limited-edition designs in its Heritage range: the Coop Mercier and Renault-Elf jerseys are our choices, two very different eras but both belie their style by using the same super technical cuts and fabric as Assos’s more normal jerseys.

Each Heritage pack contains a matching cap and socks as well as the jersey.

Pricing is TBC, but expect to pay around £120 for each.


Assos retro cycling jerseys