Revolights give 360 degree visibility and will tell you when to pack a rain jacket too (video)

Bike light system has smashed Indiegogo target, but won't be available until next year

Bike lights that attach to your frame are nothing new, but the second generation Revolights Eclipse+ system goes a step further, throwing Bluetooth connectivity into the mix to create possibly the “smartest” bike lights on the market.

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Revolights has been appealing for funding on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, and has smashed its $26,000 dollar funding goal in just 11 days, already raising $90,000 and still gathering momentum with 35 days remaining.

Revolights Eclipse+ lights smarphone app

The smartphone app will track your ride and tell you when to pack a jacket

So what’s so special about the Revolights Eclipse+ lights? Well, although they can be operated using the on/off switch on the lights themselves, to get the most out of them you’re going to want to connect them with the soon-to-be-released iPhone app, which Revolights says will bring an “entirely new dimension of functionality” to the lights.

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The app will not only allow you to switch the Eclipse+ lights on and off remotely, but will also mean they come on automatically at night time, can be used as turning signals which you can operate from a smartphone attached to your handlebars, and will flash rapidly when a decrease in speed is detected to alert traffic behind you that you’re slowing down.

revolights eclipse+ bike lights

The Revolights Eclipse+ system doesn’t have a shortage of functions

What’s more, the app will also mimic Strava with its ride tracking function, and will even give you weather alerts to tell you if you might need to pack a rain jacket for the evening commute!

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However, if you prefer to just use them as lights, then they have all the key features you’d expect. The batteries are rechargeable, and each wheel is fitted with 8 x 35 lumen LED bulbs, which give 360 degree visibility to make sure you’re seen by cars coming out of side junctions.

revolights eclipse+ lights sideways visibility

Sideways visibility is a strongpoint of the Revolights Eclipse+

The retail price for the lights will be $249 (so roughly £163) for the Bluetooth enabled lights, although if you pledge money on the company’s Indiegogo page then you will get a discount of $50. However, with availability not expected until mid-2016, then you might have to wait until next winter to give them a whirl.