Revolutionary Polar computer

Polar recently unveiled its pioneering new cycling system, the Polar CS600X. This upgrade to the renowned flagship cycling monitor, CS600, was developed to meet the demands of serious riders.

Polar?s innovative new system allows cyclists to plan their training, measure and record their performance and comprehensively analyse the results to help push themselves to their limits and beyond.

The device delivers accurate information on the body?s performance, cycling technique and environmental data to provide the most complete overview of cycling performance. In addition, it records positioning information with the G3 GPS sensor to allow for post-exercise online route tracking via Google Earth. With this feature, the route shown on Google Earth will be colour-coded to reflect the user?s heart rate at that time, giving a clear indication of the intensity of the cycle.

The computer also measures efficiency ratio to help improve performance during long, exhausting races. With data transmitted wirelessly from a choice of power output, speed or cadence sensors (or all three) to the CS600X?s bike-mounted aerodynamic unit, its large customisable display offers cyclists unrivalled feedback at the touch of a button.

Taking heart rate-based training in cycling to a new level, the CS600X offers easy-to-check graphical representations of riders? absolute, average and relative heart rate, as well as relaxation rate, which indicates the speed of physical recovery.

For endurance cyclists the CS600X will help predict the likely energy expenditure of a ride using the Energy Out feature. This measures workload as kcal/h or kcal/km allowing the user to foresee calorie consumption and therefore secure sufficient intake prior to or during exercise.

Other features include:

-Power output sensor ? measures speed, distance and chain speed, this optional sensor provides valuable information on power output, cycling efficiency, pedalling index and left/right balance

-Altimeter ? shows current altitude, ascent and descent for route profiling

-Incline measurement

-Interval Trainer – allows you to create and name your own favourite guided workout based on target heart rate, speed and/or time

-Polar sport zones ? an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your training

-OwnOptimizer? – shows the status of your training load to help find the perfect balance between training and recovery

-99 memory files

Polar?s pioneering new system is available from leading sports stores from £379. For further information, please visit