Selle Royal’s TA+TOO saddle gets new spring-themed designs

Three new spring-themed designs for Selle Royal's urban saddle range

Selle Royal’s urban TA+TOO saddle comes with a neat trick: to stop anyone nicking it and to protect it from the elements if your bike spends its time chained to railings, the top of the saddle slides off its base, so you can put it in your pack or on your desk when you’re not riding.

There’s a rotating dial at the back of the base to lock the saddle top in place when you are riding and a removable brand nameplate lets you add one of Selle Royal’s clip on saddle packs (Fizik’s packs use the same system) or rear lights if you want to lug tools around or add some extra visibility.

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The removable saddle top also means that you can swap between Selle Royal’s different designs for the TA+TOO if you get bored with the one you are using. It’s quite thickly padded, including a gel layer to cushion you from road bumps.

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Selle Royal has an on-line customiser that lets you choose from a wide range of colour options for the different parts of the saddle.

There is also a range of patterned tops, if you want something brighter. These come in themes: previously there were Wild, Travel and Love themes with three designs in each.

These have now been joined by three Landscape themed designs in a limited run of 100 each.

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The Landscape designs come from three different graphic artists and in eye-catching colours. If you already have a TA+TOO saddle, the new tops retail for EUR45 each, with the base costing EUR35.

You can add a rear carrying handle for another EUR9.90. More details are on Selle Royal’s website.

Of course one disadvantage of having a colourful designer saddle top is that you won’t want to leave it on your bike in case someone does take a fancy to it while it’s parked.