We didn?t think it would be long before the shoe moulding technology first seen from Shimano last year filtered down to the lower ranges of its shoes. Fitting in below the top of the range R300 road shoe come the R220 and R160.

Both models feature synthetic and mesh uppers with vented carbon composite soles, and are sure to hold their own in the keenly competitive and crowded shoe market.

With custom fit heel and insole achieved by way of the Shimano heat mould system, these shoes are a more affordable way to enter the customisable shoe arena. Approved dealers will be able to fit the shoes and perform any maintenance or remoulding.

Looks-wise, apart from colours, the main differences are that the R220 has a micro-adjust ratchet closure system and is available in extra-wide fittings from size 42 upwards.

With shoe closures being quite a personal choice, the three-strap closure on the R160 is sure to appeal to many and, with a £20 saving to be made, is not to be sniffed at.

The R160 will retail at £119.99 in sizes 39-48 and the R220 at £139.99 in sizes 39-48 and wide fit 42-48. Available in shops from the end of November.