Not content to sit back on the success of its Decibel carbon helmet, Specialized has launched a new model, the S-Works 2D.

The obvious progression for helmets, considering the stringent test standards that must be exceeded, is maximising strength and safety while reducing weight and increasing


Specialized has achieved this using new technology in two areas. A Kevlar inner matrix, like a skeleton, strong but with almost no weight and two different material densities (hence 2D), ensures the helmet is strongest where it needs to be but lighter elsewhere.

All the fittings are micro-sized, to spare every possible gram, with an end result that is lighter than a banana ?184g (size S) to be precise. That?s 30 per cent less than the Decibel, which is one of the lightest helmets around.

Cooling should be improved with a larger front vent and subsequent vents in straight lines

for uninterrupted air flow.

At £109.99, just £10 more than the Decibel, you are getting a lot more, with a feeling of substantially less, for your money.

Contact Specialized UK on 0208 391 5100, www.specialized.com