Facing ahead is the most aerodynamic position for a shift lever and with SRAM?s latest innovation; the 1090-R2C (Return to Centre) keeps the lever in this position regardless of the gear you are in.

The motion of changing gear is unchanged and once the gear has been changed the lever immediately and automatically returns to the starting ?centre? rather than have a set position for a particular gear. The centre position can also be adjusted for fine-tuning to different shaped extensions.

Designed to fit between the thumb and first finger, the refined details can save between 10-15gms of drag at 50km/h when compared to other levers in the 53/14 shifter position.

The shift lever will be carbon with an aluminium body using titanium fasteners and a composite insert mount. SRAM are expecting the lever to weigh around 195gms a pair, slightly heavier than its current models but has better aerodynamic benefits in its favour.

Compatibility of the 1090-R2C will be for all of SRAM?s groupsets. Price is to be confirmed.