Strava calls for the rejection of curation and negativity found on other social media sites

Strava has called for a rejection of the negativity that manifests itself on other social media platforms

Strava has launched a new campaign named ‘Athletes Unfiltered’, in an attempt to stop users spending too much time curating their activities.

In its own words, it “encourages athletes to go against the grain” and suggests that other social media networks have “stopped being real” .

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Credit: Harry George Hall/Strava

According to the fitness site, other social media platforms allow you to curate an image of yourself, filter out reality and focus only on a “perfect you”.

Instead, Strava argues the whole point of sharing your activities is to highlight your hard work and celebrate those times you didn’t hit all your PRs or you turned home early, or desperately had to find the loo. It wants its users to share what makes them athletes.

To support the campaign, Strava has released a video which shows members of its site sharing raw clips which feature the ups and downs of their experience of sport.

Strava argues that the film, created by BAFTA nominated Archer’s Mark, shows “the honest, supportive community that separates Strava from other social networks”.

Harry George Hall/Strava

Gareth Nettleton, VP of Marketing said that “we live in a terribly divisive time, and sport connects people across lines you might not expect. It is a positive, unifying force and we want to shine a light on its power to bring people together”.

To be part of the campaign, the network is asking that its users tag their posts #AthletesUnfiltered and share photos of “flushed post-workout selfies, filthy hands, or just unfettered joy of through a big day out.