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22/04/08: Tech duellists line up to do battle.

This week in our small tech dept enclave the buzz is time trials. All our hard working reportage team are preparing for one of the hardest contests of them all. Each man pitched against a deadly adversary – the clock. This is no easy discipline, but be in no doubt, our boys have their eyes on the prize.

Let me remind you of the runners. Mike ‘Hawkwind’ Hawkins (head honcho: imagine Lemmy on a bike), Stu ‘sideburns’ Bowers, Dan ‘so good’ Duguid, and last but not least Ben ‘Mr Black’ Wilson a.k.a ‘the dark destroyer’. These boys don?t take this contest lightly; each one is looking for a result to further their own racing campaigns.

Here’s a quick rundown of their chosen weaponry, and what makes their steeds interesting for the rest of us tech junkies.

Mike has carefully prepared his Cervelo P3c. His cutting edge Canadian mean machine is finished with a rear Campag disc wheel. One small problem stems from the fact that these wheels are still manufactured with nine-speed freehub and dishing. Combined with the internal cable routing found on the P3c, improving aerodynamics; Mr Hawkins has his work cut out to assemble this thoroughbred.

Mike shows off his dentistry to the crowd

Dan, fresh from heroic exploits at the weekend, has fettled his Specialized Transition TT bike to perfection. He seems very happy with it. Perhaps too happy; he?s worried that the picture below would somehow trivialise his enthusiasm for the bike. Dan, be assured, were all deadly serious here?

Dan gets seriousDan found the keyboard suprisingly easy to operate.

Dan goes quickRed: a fast colour for any bike.

Stu Bowers has been fighting his own demons, the last week or so, in the form of hideous bronchitis. He says he?s back to form, and when this chap is fit once in the saddle, he doesn?t hang about. He is a man of many disciplines – this can sometimes cause problems. He was overheard recently to be pondering on whether to wear his BC cyclo-cross skin suit on the TT course. Take it from us Stu, that?s a fashion faux pas mate! Stu will be riding a Giant Trinity TT bike.

Stu's rideStu’s bike. Might have had a near miss with a prefab

Big Ben Wilson has also faced some equipment based disappointments. After the people at Isaac bikes were consulted and agreed to have him as test pilot on their TT machine, in a classic own goal move they promptly sold it. Doh! As Mr Wilson said in his dry black-country drole ?their loss?. Indeed, Ben – your opposition will surely be breathing a sigh of relief.

Stu's rideYou would have looked have good on that Ben