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Do you want to feel the excitement from the throbbing hub of Britain’s best cycling title? We can provide you with tantalising snippets of stuff you never thought you’d get excited about. This blog will provide the big truth behind the smallest stories.

Big news from Campagnolo

Two weeks ago we told you about a strange delivery from Campagnolo. Well, we’ve had another one. Our initial thoughts were of surprise and confusion after receiving the blue box package. Also slight disappointment that it didn?t contain a Record Electronic groupset. If you remember, inside the first one, were some special black-eyed peas from Fagioli and the promise that a visit to this region wouldn?t be made primarily to eat the food.

Oh, and some reference to titbits! I?m sure you?ll agree, this kind of slapstick language was surely an error of translation, and should not be used in reference to the ?Big C?. After some questioning was directed at a slightly cagey Mr Hawkins (? he knew more than he was letting on!) we’re in a position to spill the beans – so to speak… (pun intended).

The anniversary of the invention of the quick release lever by Tullio Campagnolo is to be commemorated by the release of “something important”. This is exciting news indeed, and befits the birthday of a device that helped shape the modern bicycle. They say the simple designs are always the best ones, and this ingenious use of a cam and lever lock ranks up there with the finest. As the printed blurb in our most recent package says ?Tullio Campagnolo was not only a racing cyclist but also a mechanical genius.?

Original Campagnolo hub advertisement

Original Campagnolo hub advertisement

Another Campagnolo food package.

Another Campagnolo food package.

Where would we be without the quick release? Nightmare thoughts of scrabbling round, after your puncture stops a winter training ride. Your mates on the chain gang are waiting in the cold and cursing your name. Meanwhile, you’re fumbling with one of those old Raleigh pressed steel spanners (you know the ones – they came free with a Raleigh Grifter, circa 1982) on some seized, rusty old bolts that will probably break your wrist rather than come loose.

The arrival of the new componentry is accompanied by a press launch, that Signor Hawkins will attend. If our packages are any clue, it?s going to be a big journo bean and honey feast jolly. He?s been instructed to take a camera and document what he sees. With rumours rife of a eleven speed gruppo, be prepared for some revolutionary stuff.

But have no fear, tech junkies, he?ll not be allowed back into the office without evidence of some jaw-dropping exclusives or at the very least some biscotti.